Ford Accepted Service Training (FAST) Program

Use your Professional Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Technician Certifications, prior OEM Technical Training, or Military Technical Training to jump start your career as a Ford or Lincoln Service Technician!


  • Credit for professional level ASE certifications have now been aligned to the Service Technician Specialty training (STST) curriculum.
    • Requires a minimum of 2 years technician experience and successful completion of the professional level ASE tests (A1-A9)
    • Equivalency credit of up to 30% of the STST curriculum
    • Potential credit includes up to 27 eLearning courses 
  • Prior OEM training can grant up to 34% equivalency towards the total STST curriculum. Potential credit includes up to:
    • 31 eLearning courses
    •   4 Classroom courses (Electrical, Brakes, Steering/Susp and Man. Trans.) 
  • Military Technical training can be a big push towards the total STST curriculum needs.
    • Up to 29% potential equivalency credit
    • 24 eLearning courses
    • 3 Classroom courses (Electrical, Brakes and Steering/Susp)

Note: These course equivalency credits serve as building blocks to achieve Ford/Lincoln STST certification, and helps to reduce the number of requirements to achieve certification


How Does FAST Work?

  • FAST allows technicians to bypass selected prerequisite courses and help move more quickly toward mastery-based classroom training.
  • Classroom courses are required for the technician to demonstrate competency and skill mastery by completing both the written and the hands-on portions of the final exam.
  • FAST credit is granted to Ford and Lincoln dealership technicians in the Standardized Training and Resource System (STARS). Technicians will be able follow the remaining applicable STST requisites in their training planner to achieve certification.
  • Technicians may also utilize the classroom course test-out process to help expedite required training.

Note: Due to variations in OEM, ASE or Military training quality and content, it should be expected that technicians may experience some difficulty when attempting to complete mastery-based classroom training or Test-outs.

How Do I Request FAST Credit?

  • Service Management at any Ford or Lincoln Dealership can provide documentation of the prospective technician's qualifications to their local Field Service Engineer for consideration & processing. 
  • The attached FAST Qualifying Course List provides the list of courses that are eligible for Ford course equivalency credit (please note that the Credit Equivalency Matrix is a living document and may change as course curriculum and certification requirements change).
Click HERE to view a complete list of STST competencies eligible for FAST course credit.