Frequently Asked Questions

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[?] What does ASSET stand for?

Automotive Student Service Educational Training.

[?] What kind of degree do I get with ASSET?

ASSET is a two-year degree program that typically confers an Associates in Applied Science (A.A.S) in Automotive Technology upon completion.

[?] What does a career path look like after I graduate?

ASSET students are employed and sponsored by a Ford or Lincoln dealership throughout the program and can expect to continue working at their sponsoring dealership after graduation. There are many opportunities available within the dealership such as Team Leader, Specialist, Shop Foreman, Service Manager, Parts and Service Operations Manager, General Manager, and more. There are also many other opportunities available within the automotive industry as a whole.

[?] Are tools required before I start my training?

A basic set of automotive hand tools is typically required for use throughout the program. Please contact the school you are considering enrolling at to confirm tool requirements.

[?] How long is the program?

ASSET is typically 24 months, rotating between classroom education and working at a sponsoring Ford or Lincoln dealership.

[?] Is this program Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) accredited?

Schools with the ASSET program are ASE Master level accredited.

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