NFT News May 03 2023

Queen City ACE Program Paying Off

NFT News April 12 2023

From ASSET Graduate to ASE Education Foundation Board Member

NFT News March 22 2023

New Ford Tech Inspires Future Technicians Through Drag Racing Program Sponsorship

NFT News March 13 2023

New Ford Tech’s 3rd Annual ASSET Campaign Kicks Off

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West-MEC Automotive Technology Program Hosts Skills Competition

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Cassandra Santos – A Ford Success Story

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Weber Ford Granite City Finds Success Developing Techs

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New Ford Tech’s ACE Program Launches at Elko High School

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ASSET Program Signing Day at Odessa College

NFT News June 06 2022

Ford Launches Technician Training Programs in Three New Locations, Expands Curriculum to Add BEV Courses

Two ASSET Students

New Ford Tech Pays Off the Remainder Tuition for Two ASSET Students

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