FORD Accepted Service Training
Get your experienced Technicians certified fast.

Get your experienced
Technicians certified fast.
Here's how.

  • The Ford Accepted Service Training (FAST) Program provides equivalency credits to Technicians based on: - Training received from other OEMs
    - ASE certification
    - Military training
  • Qualified Technicians may be closer to Ford certification than you realize.
  • FAST is a great recruiting tool, so be sure to tell prospective Technicians about it!


Qualified experienced Technicians could achieve certification in Specialty #34 - Electrical Systems by simply completing four web-based courses.*

*Requires equivalent certification history.

With FAST, your dealership will benefit from:

  • Reduced training costs
  • A faster path to Ford certification
  • Increased productivity on the service floor - especially crucial for warranty work

FAST STST credits

OEM Training

Up to 40% credit

Military Training

Up to 30% credit

ASE Certification

Up to 30% credit

These percentages represent FAST credits that can be applied toward the STST curriculum for faster certification.

Check out the complete list of STST courses eligible for FAST credit at

Begin using FAST today!

Simply provide the transcript (or other documentation) of your Technician's prior certifications to your Field Service Engineer (FSE) for review, and we'll do the rest.

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