Frequently Asked Questions

[?] How long is the FACT program?

FACT is a 15-week program.

[?] Are there prerequisites to get into FACT?

Yes, FACT has the following prerequisites:

• Must be an active UTI or NASCAR Tech student or graduate
• Must be at or beyond the midpoint of the training program
• Must have completed all Automotive Technology core program courses with exceptions (See UTI course catalog for more details)

[?] Is there financial aid available?

Yes, there may be financial aid available for the Ford FACT program. For more information on applying for financial assistance contact the UTI Financial Aid department.

[?] What does FACT stand for?

Ford Accelerated Credential Training

[?] Do I have to supply my own tools?

No. The program will supply all the tools you need while going thru the FACT program.

[?] Who is qualified for the program?

Honorably discharged Military Veterans that have transferrable skills from their Military experience. Must have a clean driving record, no DUI/DWI’s or reckless driving tickets.

[?] Can I use my GI BILL benefits?

Yes, the Ford – Lincoln Veteran Careers Program is certified with the Department of Labor.  We will help with all the necessary paperwork to take advantage of your benefits once you are employed at a Ford – Lincoln Dealer

[?] Is there help transitioning into this civilian job role?

Yes, the recruiters and placement team contain many veterans and will help guide you throughout the process.

[?] Do I need tools?

No, ifyou qualify for the program and are hired by a dealer. A toolbox will be purchased by the hiring dealership. Typically, ownership of the toolbox is transferred at the end of the two-year apprenticeship period.

[?] What is the length of the commitment if I am accepted into the program?

The expectation is that you will be committed to the program for a minimum of two years.  The program is designed as a two-year apprenticeship with most of the eLearning and instructor led courses coming in year one.  The second year of the program is where the lessons taught during the classes are applied and the hired Veteran should become more proficient.

[?] What kind of training and where am I looking at going for school?

The academies are in Houston, TX and Charlotte, NC. Depending on the dealership location you are hired at will determine where you go for the 4 consecutive weeks of Ford Certified training taught by Ford Instructors.Also,during the two-year apprenticeship program, the dealership will also provide a mentor that will guide you throughday-to-dayoperations as a service technician.

[?] How does the process work for getting into the program?

Simple, step 1 is the application at then you will be contacted by the respective recruiter for your region and an interview will be conducted if you qualify after the initial screening. 

[?] How do I enroll in a program?

Check our School Locator to see which programs are near you and who to contact for more information.

[?] I would like to speak to someone on the phone about my program.

Please fill out the Contact Us form and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

[?] Where is my nearest school located?

See the School Locator in order to find a program near you.

[?] I can’t properly view PTS on my Mac.

PTS is only supported by Internet Explorer at this time.

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