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Recruiting Toolkit / Best Practices

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Recruiting and Retaining an Automotive Service Technician Guide

Career Fair Event Planning Tips

List of Career Fair Events


See how much you can save by hiring a Ford Technical Career Entry graduate.

“The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.”
— Henry Ford

     Tech Search


Click here for information on how to create a job posting on the FACT/UTI job site.


Connect with Schools

Develop relationships with instructors and school representatives. These relationships will help you fill future technician needs.


TCEP schools

Find Ford Technical Career Entry Programs near you.  These schools teach the same STST courses as our training centers. 

ASE Education Foundation schools

Find ASE Education Foundation certified high school and community college students near you.


Program Info

Find out more about our Technical Career Entry Programs:

Automotive Student Service Educational Training
College instruction and dealer internship program

Find ASSET schools near you

Ford Accelerated Credential Training
Universal Technical Institute (UTI) instruction focused on Ford-specific training

Maintenance and Light Repair
Curriculum focused on retail and customer service

Automotive Career Exploration
Partnership program focused on connecting dealerships with automotive technology educational institutions